Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I consider a technology specialist?

A: The biggest advantage in using a technology specialist is that a specialist is solely focused and dedicated to
the technology industry. In a fast evolving industry, It is even hard for the typical technology specialist to stay
on top of the changes and new innovations on the horizon to insure that the proper solution is recommended
and implemented in your new project. Therefore, it is not possible for a non-specialist (who’s sole focus in not
technology solutions) to be apprised of the current and future solution to be able to recommend the best
solutions for your investment.


Q: Cant I just have my electrician pull some wire for me?

A: Even though electricians are usually more that qualified to pull wire in a project, our experience is that by not
specializing in technology solutions, there are usually compromises made in the end, due to a lack of foresight
and experience.


Q: What should I budget for technology solutions in my project?

A: This is a hard question to answer considering that it is like asking a car dealership how much it cost to buy a
car. The proper answer is that it depends on the size of the project and the features, benefits and performance
desired. However, the following pre-wire ballpark is a good guideline for a general budget:
.50/square foot typically includes basic tv/phone/data wiring
$1.00-1.25/square foot typically includes main tv locations with structured bundled and some secondary tv
wiring, a few rooms of audio, surround sound location and basic security/camera wiring
$1.50-$2.00/square foot typically includes comprehensive structured wiring for all tv locations, comprehensive
audio, theater and security/camera wiring.


Q: What is the typical the best process that yields the ultimate result?

A: We have an unique process that allows us to successfully implement technology solutions while providing an
elevated experience for our clients. The key elements of this process is:
Consultation – determined if we are a right fit, narrow proper budget and technology direction and determine
next step
Design – Produce line item proposal and design and engineering documentation to include: line item proposal,
blue print device location layouts, equipment rack layouts, power and thermal requirements and schematics
Implementation – Pre-wiring and installation of systems, coordination with general contractor/project manager
and other trades to insure ideal end result.
System delivery – Review and delivery of project documents and provide necessary training on installed
systems and solutions.
Service and warranty – Worry free support to quickly manage warranty and service items


Q: What technology solutions are trending right now?

A: -More robust networks to support the many devices connect to the internet such as mobile phone, tablets,
streaming devices, printers and computers to name a few.
-Mobile phone signal boosting systems that increase your mobile phone signal throughout your home or office
-Self healing technologies. technologies that are smart enough to monitor the health of your home and send out
alerts or reboot items to maintain optimal performance. an example of this is the cable modem. If the modem
gets sluggish or locks up self healing technology will automatically reboot the modem.
Universal wiring for comprehensive home systems allowing for future growth. In today’s home market, we are
finding that homeowners do not want to limit their future growth abilities, and therefore will pre-wire for the
grand vision even if they only outfit part of the home with equipment.


Q: What are some common pitfalls or most common mistakes that you see?

A:-The wrong type of wiring is used for optimal performance, or is not universal in nature that the system the
client wants wont work properly
-Wiring ran to the wrong locations. We see this a lot especially in theaters. for example the proper speaker and
projector placement for optimal performance. Just a slight shift in placement can make the difference between
an awesome experience and it is just ok.
-In-complete information. We find owners all of the time who if they had the knowledge or understanding of how
certain technologies would benefit them, the would have implemented it in their projects. The typical phrase is: “I
wish I would have known that before…”


Q: I am on a budget, what should I do?

A: Our recommendation is to always where possible to include as much infrastructure as possible (based on your
ultimate vision) allowing you to expand your technology offerings in your house in the future. The last thing you
want to do is to limit the enjoyment and convenience of you new investment, because the infrastructure is not there. We always say “think today with tomorrow in mind”.

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