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Traditionally the relationship between the interior designer and the technology expert has been a difficult one. This is typically due to technology companies not understanding the elements of design and recommending technology solutions that end up uglying up the space that the designer applied so much effort to beautify.

We partner with Interior Designers who are:

  • Unhappy with technology uglying up your projects
  • Concerned with how time consuming and overwhelming the process is to determine the proper technology direction, making your job more complicated
  • Frustrated with having to save face with the client because the A/V contractor is not a team player
  • Concerned with the client not getting the proper solution for their individual needs in the end
  • Unhappy with the amount of time it takes for the typical A/V contractor to install the technology systems often camped out on the clients couch, time tweaking things, long after the client has moved in

We look forward to discussing your next project, allowing us to show you how we can deliver the most elevated technology experience you and your clients have ever experienced.

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