Our Process

From our owner, Kirk MacKay: "We believe technology should elevate the way you live. We accomplish this by challenging the status quo, by taking a design centered approach to technology. Our secret is understanding how our clients will interface with their homes and business’, and then designing the right solutions that will enhance the way they live, make life more convenient and enjoyable."

At the RED Group, we are different. We provide our clients the most accurate, feature rich, performance driven solutions, for the provided project budget. This is consistently accomplished with our unique blend of craftsmanship and developed processes. Below is an overview of our processes, the checks and measures that insure that no detail is forgotten.

Pre-Design (Consultation)

Step #1- Introduction interview:

The introduction. This allows us to initially determine if we are an optimal match for your project, determining if we should move forward to the consultation meeting. If we are a good match we will set up an in-person consultation appointment with you.

Step #2 – Homework:

Before we have our consultation meeting, we will send you a link for the new project evaluation. We ask that you fill out the questionnaire prior to our in-person consultation meeting. The information will give us the preliminary project information we need to analyze your needs and prepare us for the in-person consultation.

Step #3 – Consultation meeting:

Our first in-person meeting allows the client and the RED Group to ask additional clarifying questions about the direction if the project. A fine tuned project allowance estimate will be created, outlining system features/performance and budget. By the end of the consultation meeting, the client and RED Group will have the required needed information to move forward to system design/engineering.

Planning & Design

Step #1– System design

Following the in-person consultation, the next step is system design . This phase requires a design deposit to secure our ongoing relationship and to cover our expenses in providing additional information and expertise. The deposit is based on a percentage of the allowance estimate created in the consultation meeting. After a deposit is received, we then develop a line item materials list and cost specific to your project. A site evaluation may also be needed.

Step #2 – Project documentation

Following the approval of the system design, Project installation documentation will be created to assist in the integratable installation of the project. These documents may include: floor plan layouts, schematics, line diagrams, installation checklists, rack layouts and elevation layouts.


Step #1 – Project coordination

Following creation of the installation documents, the installation phase begins. The first step in the installation phase is project coordination with other trades (if needed) and client walkthrough prior to rough-in.

Step #2– Rough-in

Rough-in includes all of the wiring and equipment needed prior to drywall

Step #3 – Trim-out

Trim-out includes installation of all equipment and materials needed post drywall (speakers, wall-plates etc.)

Step #4 – Finish

Finish includes the installation of all the main components when the project is to a no dust stage (touch panels, equipment racks, displays etc.)

Step #4 – Programming

Programming includes the programming and set up of all systems and ensuring there proper functionality

Step #5 – Client Demonstration

Client demonstration is when we demonstrate how to use the systems to the client.

Continued Service

We believe in long term relationships and stand behind our products and service. Even though we have taken enormous steps to ensure long-term system reliability and performance, we provide an installation warranty for all of our clients systems, covering the installation of the systems for a period of time, and will also assist in getting equipment repaired or replaced if by chance there is a failure.

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