Our specialized team designs, installs, programs, and services the technology systems below. Click on one of the links to learn more about a specific system.

Home Audio
clientHomework_audioDo you enjoy music? Imagine all your music – Cd’s, MP3’s, satellite/internet radio – Everything brought together in a single system and accessible from anywhere in the house. Everyone can select their own music from any room and listen wherever they are. Our audio systems are a complete integrated audio distribution system, and simple to use.
Home Video
Do you enjoy TV or movies? Then video is a must. From a flat panel hanging on the wall or a front projector in a media room or theater, video chosen correctly will yield years of function and enjoyment.
Video Distribution
Have you ever imagined watching your recorded shows in any room of the home? If so, then video distribution is for you. Eliminate purchasing multiple boxes (cable/sat boxes, dvd players etc) and allocating place for them in every room of the house. Place them in the mechanical room and access your video content anywhere you are.
Private Cinema
Do you love movies? Then your private cinema is awaiting. From dedicated private cinemas, to multipurpose media rooms, from cost effective solutions to a sophisticated screening room. Let us recreating the cinematic experience by carefully selecting and designing your space for the optimal entertainment experience.
Security / Surveillance
Do you want to protect your family or property? Then you should carefully consider the core of safety, security and surveillance systems. See who is at the front door or gate before granting them access. If the alarm is breached, know right away what area has been compromised. Always have access to your security and surveillance system anywhere you go.
The home network has become the nucleus of any home, providing content to audio/video devices, phones, tablets, and automation systems. In today’s home, it is paramount that the network provide good coverage and stability.
Intercom / Paging
Tired of yelling for the kids to come to dinner? Do you wish you could talk to the UPS person at your front door without having to put on your bath robe? Well now you can with intercom/paging systems. From a keypad, telephone or touch panel, you can communicate through your home.
Window Coverings
Do you have high windows that are hard to reach, or wished you did not have to go from window to window closing and opening the blinds every day? Let us provide a motorized solution that allows the opening or closing of all your window coverings at the same time, or have your window coverings automatically adjust based on the time of the day. Window coverings add a beautiful elegance to a home’s decor. Don’t forget that we also provide manual solutions to compliment your motorized versions.
Home Automation
Have you ever left the house and realized that you forgot to lock a door, shut off the lights, or forgot to set back the thermostats. Home automation provides a simple solution for everyday tasks. When you arm your alarm as you leave the house, your door locks are automatically checked and locked, your thermostats are set back and your lights are adjusted. How convenient would it be if you were having a party, and with one press of a button you could turn on the music, set the volume to the right level, start your favorite playlist, and adjust the lights for entertaining in the entire house?
System Integration
System integration allows you to uncluttered your walls by adding the control of all your homes sub systems into the one easy to use centrally located interface. We can integrate lighting, HVAC, Pool/spa, audio, video, security, window coverings, intercom/paging, and irrigation systems into a single interface. And you can offset the cost by not needing to purchase controllers for each sub system in the home.
Lighting Control
Have you ever Jumped into bed and just realized you forgot to turn off the lights downstairs? How many times has your front porch light been left on all day? With a lighting control system you can control your entire homes lights with a single press of a button. Designated lights in your home, such as the front porch, will automatically turn on and turn off by themselves, so you will never need to worry again. With lighting control, you can start with the main areas to de-clutter your walls, or we can include the entire house.
Structured Wire
Hard wired infrastructure for your home systems are always more reliable than wireless. Because of this, it is important to wire your home today with tomorrow’s technology in mind. From telephones and internet to video displays and home security systems, the infrastructure should never be overlooked.
Cellular phone signal boosting
It is imperative that we are able to send and receive calls from our cellular phones without interruption. Cellular phone signal boosting allows us to take a good outdoor cellular signal and boost it throughout the home or building, increasing cellular signal coverage.
Self-healing technology
Do you want to make sure that your home systems are reliable, and always functioning when you need them? We all know how frustrating it can be to spend 30 minutes on the phone with the internet provider just to find out the modem was locked up and needed rebooted. Self healing technology monitors the reliability of your home systems and makes adjustments when needed to insure your systems are running at optimal performance. (For example if the modem is locked up, it will automatically reboot the modem to bring it back online).

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